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How are Living Treasures Nominated?

Who can nominate a Living Treasure? 

Anyone, anywhere is welcome to nominate a Los Alamos resident. Only three Treasures are named each year but all nominations are kept on file for future consideration. 

When are nominations due? 

Nominations may be submitted any time and the closing date for nominations for 2024 is May 31, 2024. New nominations, along with the nominations already on file, will be reviewed in June 2024. In early July, the new Treasures will be selected by the  Living Treasurers Board.

What information should be included in the nomination? 

When did the nominee come to Los Alamos; 
How long has the nominee been involved in community activities; 
In which areas has the nominee contributed to Los Alamos; 
How has Los Alamos benefited from the nominee's activities; 
Any additional information is welcome. 


Nominations supported by additional letters from other people familiar with other aspects of the nominee's service are encouraged. 

Where should the nominations be sent? 

Email (preferred):

Living Treasures of Los Alamos 
PO Box 1065 

Los Alamos, NM 87544 

Courtesy of Kyle Wheeler

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